BLOGS, the new Fall exhibition at MediaNoche, explores how photoblogs are changing the photographic landscape and opening up new possibilities for visual communication and exchange. Learn how photographers worldwide are sharing their work and building online communities using photoblogs. See how the nature of exhibiting photographs is being transformed.

"BLOGS represents a rupture in the way photographs are traditionally exhibited and sold, allowing the presentation of over 1,000 works in MediaNoche's space and converting viewers into bloggers who can interact with the printless photographs on display," said Judith Escalona, Director of MediaNoche.

The work of over 200 photographers worldwide, from Puerto Rico to Taiwan, will be presented online, in real time. The photographers are members of NYC Exposition, Puerto Rico Sun, and East Harlem, the featured photoblogs. Many of the photographers are expected to attend the opening and meet for the first time.

NYC Exposition is administered by Clarisel Gonzalez, a journalist/photographer based in the Bronx, Richard A. Caraballo, an artist in East Harlem, and Victor R. Iglesias, a photographer in San Juan, Puerto Rico. According to Gonzalez, "We're an online community of photographers seeking to generate our own exhibitions worldwide."

Next year, NYC Exposition members will participate in an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, hosted by KL Exposition (another photoblog).

Puerto Rico Sun is part of the Puerto Rico Sun cultural news/photoblog project at, providing information about cultural events taking place in Puerto Rico and stateside. It was founded by Gonzalez.

East Harlem is administered by Caraballo and Matthew Pardon of East Harlem who share photographs and information about their community with others globally. In Caraballo's words: "I like to show people what my block is like. Blogs are a language, a form of discourse."

NYC Exposition, Puerto Rico Sun, and East Harlem are part of Flickr, an interactive site for storing, sorting, searching, sharing and discussing photography online in real time.

Blogs or weblogs are as old as the information superhighway itself. Arguably, the earliest web sites were weblogs that allowed visitors to post comments and links. Overshadowed but not displaced by the more robust developments of web sites, email, listserves, live chat, etc., blogs continued to play a significant role in sharing information in democratically non-hierarchical ways. Today blogs serve as spontaneous sources of political commentary and journalistic reportage while continuing to provide a structure for personal and artistic expression in text, graphics, audio and video.

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:: SONIA GUGGISBERG - Crossing Images >>

:: TRICIA McLAUGHLIN - Disposable Heroes >>

:: KENJI KOJIMA - Composition Fukushima 2011 >>


:: Eliud Martinez - ORCHARD BEACH: Nuyorican Riviera >>

:: B&W - Two Photographers: Maximo Colon, Elisa Perea >>

:: Ji Sun Lee's - Quotidian: Documenting Everyday Life >>

:: Jaime Davidovich's - Re: PLAY >>

:: Sutthirat Supaparinya's - Hypothetical >>

:: Ji Sun Lee's - Urban Meditation >>

:: Transnational Temps - Spill>>Forward >>

:: Valerie Hallier's - Screened Calls and Slow Portraits >>

:: Niknaz Tavakolian’s - diegetic. >>

:: BIBIANA’s - CZECH REPUBLIC 1998 – 2008 >>

:: Susanne Schuda's - The Poet >>

:: Ted Ciesielski's - Empire of Desire >>

:: Patricia Villalobos Echeverría's - Aguasmalas (Blackwaters) >>

:: Nayda Collazo-Llorens' - Voiceover >>

:: Diogenes Ballester's - Free Registry: Encounter, Mythology and Reality >>

:: Judith Escalona - CINE-REAL >>

:: Daiva Gauryte and Kofi Fosu - TRANSVOYEUR >>

:: Antonia Guerrero - ABSENCE/PRESENCE >>

:: Ursula Endlicher - HTML-MOVEMENT-LIBRARY >>

:: Zulma Aguiar - TURNSTYLE >>

:: Antonia Guerrero - LA VIDA NUNCA MUERE >>

:: nicoykatiushka - SHARED >>

:: Francisca Benítez - THE MAKING OF GOLDEN WARRIORS >>

:: Mateo Zlatar - DESKTOP METAPHOR >>

:: Stephanie Owens - LIQUID_EDEN >>

:: Eduardo Cintron - BEWILDERED HERD >>